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Yoga del Mar was founded in July 2021 by Nina-Gyana and Yasmin, since then a wonderful team of yoga teachers, massage therapists and coaches has come together. Each individual contributes with their warm and open hearted nature, to make Yoga del Mar a home for body, mind and soul.

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My name is Nina-Gyana, I am a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher, and trained GFG-Doula®. I have been involved with Yoga for many years and can truly say that this life practice has changed my mind, body, and everyday life. My journey has led me to Bali, Australia, and to an ashram in India, where I learned and practiced Yoga and Meditation, with the help of Masters and great teachers. In my classes the focus is on present moment awareness, to tune into the body and out of the mind, and to strengthen the muscle of attention - your ability to be present, here and now.

„Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that’s why it is called the present.“


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I’m Yasmin and I grew up on the island of Mallorca. I'm a certified Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga & Meditation teacher and discovered Yoga while teaching children at a local NGO in Tanzania in 2007. There I found an Ashtanga book in a little shop in Dar Es Salaam and I started to practice the Ashtanga Primary Series. From that self-practice I discovered and started to train in different styles of Yoga with wonderful teachers in Costa Rica, South Africa, London, Berlin, Ibiza & Mallorca. The practice of Yoga has taught me how to approach life with an open heart and a positive attitude.

In my Yoga classes I create a deep rhythm between movement and breath and I guide my students through creative sequences. I delicately weave in the philosophy of Yoga into the asana practice, incorporating my love for chanting mantras as well as the wisdom of Ayurveda. I enjoy creating a safe and loving atmosphere to increase your overall well-being, sharing the love for what Yoga develops in each individual and inspiring everyone to find their unique potential through their practice.


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Yogateacher at Yoga del Mar


I believe that a yoga practice is a journey of embodiment. When we get intimate with our bodies, our emotions, and our mindset we can learn everything we need to create the story of our lives in a fulfilling and meaningful way.

The practice I teach students is only what I’ve embodied. I pull from all of the trainings and learning I have done over the years, nothing is off limits. I create my classes with the utmost care and intention.

My goal is to empower you physically and mentally and use the microcosm of the mat to bring you fully into the present moment. With awareness and presence magic happens.

Yogateacher at Yoga del Mar


Hi, I am Mara. Growing up between two continents, Yoga has always been my saving grace.

The consistence of practice is the red thread connecting the different parts of my life together.

Being my steady companion through the many waves of life, the mat was always my healing place, and that is the space I try to hold in my classes- in order for each student to come home to their body and connect with their soul.

Excited to see you on the mat!

Namaste, Mara

David Lurey Yogateacher in Palma


I am David and I have been practicing Yoga since 1995 and teaching full time in 2000. With influences in Vinyasa flow, mixed movement as well as alignment practices, I also weave integrated philosophy and music into each unique class. I was born in the USA and have lived on Mallorca since 2008.

For me, Yoga means a conscious exploration of body, intellect, emotion & spirit as well their interconnectedness.

My ability to 'read the room' and teach the class to the students who are there makes his classes a unique experience.

Oh, I try to tell funny jokes too :)


My name is Pia and I am a certified hatha, vinyasa, yin, nidra and pranayama yoga teacher from Sweden. The practice of yoga helped me to discover and explore myself from a new point of life. It taught me to understand my body and breath, to be in contact with my inner self and to be present in life.

In my yin yoga classes, we focus on releasing, recharge and reconnect with our body and mind. Through close to the mat poses we will create more mobility in the body, strengthen the body awareness and calm the mind. In the stillness of the poses we will give the body time to let go and activate our energy system. My love for music and sounds also plays an important part in the classes.

I am looking forward to meet you on the mat!


I lam Nariyah and I love to bring the traditional ancient lineages to relatable modern day practices, always creating my sessions to your needs- ultimately in relieving stress and gaining balance and health physically and mentally. Yoga truly changed my life for the better- I learnt practices that I feel honoured to share with you. All classes are for all levels- I especially enjoy welcoming beginners on to their mats and into receiving the incredible ‘life’ benefits of the practice of yoga. ‘Yoga is not what it looks like but rather how it makes you feel’ In my vinyasa classes we have fun in a safe and held space on the mat, we enjoy creating space in the body and mind and learning how to breathe into this space. ‘

The way that we breathe is the way we live, if you want to change the way you live it’s simple - change the way you breathe’

Yogateacher at Yoga del Mar


I am Maya, a certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga Teacher, as well as a professional contemporary dancer. Yoga brings me clarity and balance, creating a safe space to explore who I am and who I am meant to be.

My Vinyasa classes follow a dynamic and active rhythm, moving through breath in a state of mindfulness and connection. The sequences are powerful, creative and playful, almost transforming the Asanas into a dance. We always move towards a deeper embodied state of self, working with meditation, pranayama and yogic philosophy.


Hi, I am Gabi. Yoga is helping me to breath deeper, listen to my body and connect with my emotions. Before Mallorca I was living in Bali for 6 years and I’m inspired by the Balinese culture where connection with spirit is practiced every day!

I love the community setting of a yoga class - all of us contributing and supporting each others journey!

I’m certified in Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga since 2012 and I also teach AcroYoga.

I invite you to join my classes to enjoy dynamic flows with inversions, balances and playfulness! Guided breathing techniques & meditation to release emotional layers - opening up for more presence and self expression.


We offer daily Yoga classes in our beautiful studio in Portixol and also outdoors.

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