Massages & Wellbeing

At the Yoga del Mar Spirit Festival we offer a wide range of massages. You can book your individual massage on site at the Wellness Temple area.



Californian Massage is a deep, relaxing and sensitive Massage, using wonderful oils with long and fluid movements, and a variety of rhythms and deep pressure. Accompanied by conscious breathing to create a safe space and a feeling of balance and harmony. Suitable for anyone who is longing to release stress, blockages, pain, muscle tensions or who simply enjoys the experience of conscious touch.

Neus also offers a Deep Tissue Massage, Lomi Lomi Nui and a Japanese Face Massage.


A fusion between deep tissue, sport and relaxing massage, that relieves tension and gives a gentle stretch to the muscles. Luk´s special techniques and hand movements have an energizing effect on the body.
The massage, for optimal results and better circulation, is done with pumping maneuvers working on the muscles in combination with techniques that improve the overall wellbeing and leaves you with a feeling of freshness.


Alex dynamic Thai Yoga massage brings an invigorating and rejuvenating experience to your body and mind. The rhythmic circulating movements, yoga stretches combined with Thai massage techniques create a calming effect that relaxes your muscles, facia and mind. This massage triggers the activation of your immune system while detoxing your body, leading to a higher vibration and increased plasticity of your tissue and blood circulation.
With this unique massage technique you decrease your pain and welcome centered mobility.


It is a relaxation massage technique with long, fluid and harmonious movements. Taking a journey from the head to the feet, stress is eliminated and muscle tension is released. Californian Massage helps to reorganize the body, mind and emotions.